A Typical Day

A Typical Day (for our teachers and pupils at WhiteTrees School)

8.30 am

Staff members are expected to arrive, many of them will be there well before then. Every morning the team will have a morning brief to discuss the students, logistics and to share information from the homes and carers. The morning brief is imperative to the smooth running of the day, as it allows staff to pre-empt behaviours and have contingency plans in place.


8.45-9:15 am

The classrooms are set up ready for the students to arrive. Our staff undertake a safeguarding sweep of the school to ensure any potential sharp or dangerous items are identified and locked away. Breakfast will be prepared by the onsite cooking teacher. Tutors who are working off site with their pupils will leave by 9am and head to meetings with their pupils.


9.15 am

Pupils arrive, they will be greeted by staff and all members of the team will be engaging with them and making sure they are ready for the day. Pupils will eat breakfast together with the staff team. Following breakfast many of them will play a game of table tennis or table football before the lessons begin. Tutors working off site with their pupils will have a bespoke timetable designed for them, and do what is appropriate to start the day, they often finish with physical education at the end of each day.

9:45 am

Lessons begin, they are made up of half-hour Periods throughout the morning, this is to keep the student’s concentration levels optimal.


Students will have two 20-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch break.

1.00 pm

Due to the importance we place on physical education and the benefits it has for our pupils mental health, every afternoon we take part in a PE lesson. We have a wide selection available including, Swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Football, and Hockey. In addition, the pupils can also attend the gym and follow bespoke fitness programmes dependent on their goals. These PE Sessions take place at local gyms and sports centres so being able to drive is essential.

3.00 pm

Pupils will finish their day and the team will meet to review the pupils. It’s a great time to be able to reflect on the day, highlight any positives and any areas which need improving. After the meeting has finished staff will spend the remainder of the time preparing for the next day, and completing the learning journals for each pupil. The learning journals evidence the work the students complete and link to our pathways and the National Curriculum.

Staff are required to stay until 4:30 pm but many will stay later dependent on their workload or what is being prepared in school for the next day.

A day In general

Due to the escalating behaviours of some of our young people it is imperative that we are able to offer small class sizes, and 1-1 support in some cases. The ever-changing dynamics of a day means you will be on your feet and very active throughout the course of a day.

Staff at WhiteTrees are regularly supported by SLT and Directors which helps to create a great sense of being involved in a tight knit team. Staff are required to support each other to ensure boundaries are set, in order to keep the young people safe.