Pupil Pathways

Pupil Pathways

The teachers at WhiteTrees School have created a curriculum and education plan in the form of a Pupil Pathway. The Pathway covers the full national curriculum, and is designed as a 5-year curriculum in a wide range of subjects. The Pathway program leads directly into further qualifications and in addition, accounts for pupils with below age-related levels, incorporating objectives from upper KS2. The Pathway also includes a deep and wide offer of learning and development beyond academic, vocational, and technical abilities through PSHCEE (Personal, Social, Health, & Citizenship Economic Education) and Social Skills pathways. Pupils learn about career paths, social skills, character, attitudes, and other areas that will support them to succeed in life after they leave WhiteTrees.

Pupils, at the end of Year 9, are given the opportunity to choose their options/qualifications for KS4 – they can choose 4 subjects to study in addition to their compulsory subjects (see options table, column highlighted in yellow). Other certificates/opportunities/qualifications that are available are listed, and when combined, offer a rounded approach to the child’s education.


In order to develop pupils beyond the academic, vocational and technical skills on offer, we work diligently and robustly to support and develop our pupil’s emotional needs, their understanding of the world, and their ability to cope, contribute and succeed in their community once leaving school.

This is simplified into our three levels of approach:

  • A therapeutic approach (pre-emptive and reactive)
  • Social, emotional and behavioural interventions (educational, pre-emptive and reactive)
  • Education and experiences