Pupil Assessment

Pupil Assessment

We understand that past learning may have included episodes leading to disaffection, and that many young people arriving at WhiteTrees might have undiagnosed learning difficulties. We offer a full service of educational psychological assessment and an individual programme for each child which, where appropriate, includes a vocational study to help our young people to be ready for opportunities for employment. We aim to ensure that learning can be creative, adventurous, fun, diverse and, most of all, successful.

Pupil Engagement

WhiteTrees has been able to engage with all it’s pupils, and offers an education package to meet the most complex of their needs. To do this, we have created and focused daily on three main areas of support:

  • Meeting the pupil’s emotional needs first.
  • Creating positive relationships
  • Delivering a high-quality curriculum, planning, and teaching experience

We have a range of bandings to cover the level of service we provide, to find out more please contact us and we will be pleased to create a plan specifically for your needs and share the detail of our banding approach.