Referral Process

Referral Process

When dealing with our clients the essence of how we work is personal contact and flexibility. With that in mind, here is an overview of our typical referral process.

  • SEN (Special Education Needs) caseworker approaches the school, usually by emailing the Executive Head Teacher.

  • An invitation to consult to consider a placement for a pupil is made.

  • Further information is regularly required from both sides and communicated via email.

  • If the Executive Head Teacher is going to formally consider a placement, then a visit by the Deputy Head of the appropriate site will be made – for us to meet the prospective pupil and the family.

  • Executive Head Teacher will formally respond within 15 days.

  • If a placement is considered appropriate and needs can be met, a formal offer will be issued. This will include the length of time the offer is open for.

  • Once a placement has been considered and formally accepted, an admissions agreement will be issued with a formal start date.

Flexible Classroom Solutions On and Off Site.

White Trees offers both on and off-site learning locations; Pupils on site could be in a classroom of up to six other pupils,
whilst off site would be 1 to 1 or 1 to 2. 

Our goal is to encourage inclusion and work towards our pupils learning in one location together.

This as a key teaching within the school, to enable a young person to become socially resilient to normal day-to-day learning and life in general.